Team Work Green peace Bali period I

We have meeting about this project with our BaliMarket Team work that due Global crisis we don’t have enough work so we have to find alternative. We make socialization to our team on this Green Peace Bali Project with 28 person main Team work we show all so enthusiast then a few days later we found 5 people local Community will help us to care all the project. We arrange the team as necessary to start the project. all so glad to do this Project to realize Green Peace Bali Project start second week of Dec 2008, ready to cut the Big while coffee trees, cachou tree, cut the un useful plant in this 3 hectares land. To location by Car from Denpasar (South of the island about 1.30 hrs) due moody on rainy season so we have to take walk about 1 km and on back area we have to cross small river by small bamboo bridge then up down the hill. The location on same area but quite big area on the hill, very green around here and the land so fertile and wet make grow so pass.

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