Foundation Green peace Bali Project 2009-2019 (period I)

Land inspection

Nyoman Danny Sridana On Dec 2008 visitting family ofVisionBali team village and has idea for Greenpeace Bali Project so we direct come back again on 1 week letter with VisionBali Manager for doing land inspection for our Green peace Bali project, we decided project began right a way in here, In Watukaru Mountain, Wongaya Gede Vaillage, Penebel, Tabanan Bali, We found 3 hectares land with condition:70%semi active wild coffee tree fores, 10% chocolate tree, 20% banana plant, jungle etc, the land own by 2 difrences local person, 1 hector for sale and 2 hectare for rent, so Danny decided to take it

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